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I specialize in learning a variety of material quickly, providing a solid foundation for other musicians in live settings. In the studio, I strive to propel the songwriter’s vision, adding interplay and momentum without distracting from the song.  

I am currently performing/recording with diverse acts: Bow Wow Wow, Katie Ferrara Band, Broken Sound, The Sea Tease, Heather Lomax, and 
Nine Mile Station. I have also worked with Readership Hostile, Bird Streets, & Eamon Ra, Dan Rothchild, and Fernando Perdomo, and toured the US, Europe, and Mexico.

A veteran of the LA, Seattle, and St. Louis club scenes, I landed my first professional gig in high school playing Dixieland at an OKC amusement park in the Summer of ‘86…been at it ever since. There’s no place I’d rather be than the drum throne.

I am fucking that shit up--look at my ex
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