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I've been doing this since I was 11 and I am as excited as I have ever have been. I will never stop trying to improve, learn, and share what I already know. I will never throw my hands up and say “this is as much and as far as I want to go”. Whether it's playing gigs, recording sessions, writing, arranging and collaborating with a variety of other musicians. Creating is why I am here…let's get to work.


Immortalizing a piece of music by committing it a recorded format is probably the most exciting job in drumming to me. I'm always trying to the thread the needle, coming up with parts that are foundational, but not trite or phoned-in.
Everything I do is with the idea of taking a song as far as it can go and giving other musicians the comfort, freedom, and urging to get their expression down. That is one of the most satisfying accomplishments there is for me.


Got a song or an album that needs professional drums and percussion tracks? I can deliver great-sounding tracks to your project anywhere in the world from my studio in Los Angeles for very friendly rates. Contact me and we can discuss all the different sounds and tonal possibilities I can offer with my collection of snare drums, drum sets, and cymbals, modern and vintage. I live for this.


There's nothing like playing live, and I can be the backbone of your next show. I like the pressure of learning material quickly and delivering when the spotlight shines. Also, I have a rehearsal space equipped with PA, mics, and amps to make getting ready for the show easy and inexpensive.

Recording a Readership Hostile Track at The Boom Room w/ Anthony Tiny Buiso and Christian Hoglan

"If you are looking for an extraordinary drummer with feel, nuance, movement and groove, then Michael Collins is your man! He is solid in his playing and it is so refreshing to be able to rely comfortably on a drummer that delivers every single time. He gives 110% to whatever song he plays on. Michael is consistent, easy going, funny, and a  joy to work with! (Oh yeah, and he has the coolest plaid pants this side of the Mississippi)"
Heather Anne Lomax | Singer-Songwriter | Los Angeles, CA

"Michael’s uncanny ability to lock with both the band and the click track is perfectly balanced by an impressive talent for infusing his undeniable precision with human feel, a surplus of great ideas and flawless tone. He is thoughtful, affable, immensely enjoyable to work with and his commitment to artistic and professional integrity is entirely refreshing.  If all that somehow wasn't enough, his stylistic diversity ensure that he is a major asset to any session, project or band."
Dante White Aliano | Producer, Engineer | The Cone Studio | Los Angeles, CA

“Mike is a fantastic, hard-working, passionate drummer and quite simply one of the most naturally talented artists I’ve ever known. I’ve known Mike for about 35 years now, and I’ll never forget the first time I heard him play. He was 11 or 12 and was playing with a band in a little show at our middle school. He was already playing at a pretty high level even then, and I was just blown away. I turned to the school band director and asked, “Where’d he learn to do that?” She replied, 'I have absolutely no idea.' ”
– Tommy Hayes | Saxophonist | Chicago, IL

“It’s true that a good drummer is hard to find but a great drummer is a true rarity. Michael is a great drummer. It’s no surprise that his impressive skill level is fed by his equally impressive work ethic. But it’s the ease with which he plays and the willingness to share his process and knowledge that makes him stand out. Also he’s a really sharp dresser • lol• "
Travis Clark | Guitarist, Writer, Comedian | Los Angeles, CA

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