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A. Michael Collins is a freelance drummer and songwriter in Los Angeles. He is currently holding down Bow Wow Wow’s timbale-inflected, Burundi Beat as well as a host of diverse acts like Danny Henry, Nine Mile Station, Katie Ferrara, & Heather Lomax, as well as his own power duo, Broken Sound, with producer/guitar phenomenon, Fernando Perdomo. Michael also released two solo singles, “In Other Climes”, and “New Bells Ring” in 2021 & 2022.

Born in Norman, OK, Collins began his career in St. Louis, MO, 1987. He played in various bands, barnstorming nightclubs, hotels, honky-tonks, and biker bars all over the US and Europe. In 1998, Collins moved to Seattle continuing on the same path. Since moving to LA in 2015, he has toured Europe and Mexico multiple times.


Immortalizing a piece of music by committing it a recorded format is probably the most exciting job in drumming to me. I'm always trying to the thread the needle, coming up with parts that are foundational, but not trite or phoned-in. The idea is to take a song as far as it can go while giving other musicians the comfort, freedom, and urging to get their expression down. That is one of the most satisfying accomplishments there is for me.

Remote Recording

Got a song or an album that needs professional drums and percussion tracks? I can deliver great-sounding tracks to your project anywhere in the world from my studio in Los Angeles for very friendly rates. Contact me and we can discuss all the different sounds and tonal possibilities I can offer with my collection of snare drums, drum sets, and cymbals, modern and vintage. I live for this.

Live Performance

There's nothing like playing live, and I can be the backbone of your next show. I like the pressure of learning material quickly and delivering when the lights go up. Also, I offer a full rehearsal space equipped with PA, mics, and amps to make getting ready for the show convenient & cost-effective

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